5 Tips For Buying A Used Dryer

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Buying a used dryer might be a great option if your budget is tight or you find a deal that's too good to pass up. Here are some tips to help you buy one.

Buying a used dryer may be a great option if your budget is tight or you need a dryer temporarily, or you're not convinced the quality of a new one justifies the cost. There are a few drawbacks to consider - unlike buying from a store, you will most likely be responsible for transportation (although sometimes the vendor will able to move it), and if it breaks, there won't be a warranty. Here are a few tips to think about if you’re considering buying a used dryer.

  1. Measurements: Making sure you can get it from the truck to its destination is key, so make sure you measure doorways, halls, landings, to ensure that there is a smooth path for delivery. You may also have to take your old dryer out first before you install your new one.
  2. Size: Dryers typically come in two sizes: compact and standard. There is some variation within these two size categories, so if you are only replacing your dryer, measure your washer to ensure you get the same sized machine. This is particularly important if you are stacking them or if they are fitting under a counter with dimension limitations. Capacity is another issue. You want a dryer that matches your washer’s capacity – too small and you’ll have to dry clothes in batches, too big and you’ll use more electricity than you need.
  3. Fuel type: dryers can either be gas or electric. If you inherited the dryer when you moved in to your home, check to see which kind you have.
  4. Online research: The best place to start looking for a used dryer is through online want ads sites such as Kijiji and Craigslist. They offer the largest selection. Look for ads with pictures as the photos will give you an indication of the state of the dryer. Request the model and serial number and do some further research on forums and repair sites. These will give you an idea as to whether there are any consistent problems with the dryer. You can also pull up the owner's manual off the manufacturer's website. This will let you know its features and whether it's Energy Star certified.
  5. Durability: Once you're at the seller's place, check to see how solid the dryer is.

    • Exterior: Check for any significant wear or rust on the body. Check the buttons or knob to make sure they work well and are not about to break. At the exhaust, make sure the exhaust is clean with no indication of lint build-up or marks from overheating.
    • Interior: Open the door, turn the drum and check for smooth turning.  Check that the interior light is working. There shouldn't be a smell of either mould or burning. Check the lint trap to make sure it's clean. 6. Flammability: One of the biggest issues with dryers is that over time they can become a fire hazard if the lint trap and exhaust tube aren't thoroughly cleaned. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing whether the lint has been cleaned out of the exhaust tube unless you take the entire thing apart. However, you can get a superficial indication by looking at the back of the dryer where the exhaust exit is. If it's filled with lint, it's a good bet that the rest of the exhaust tube is as well. Best to move on to another unit unless you're willing to take the entire thing apart and clean it yourself.

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